Brand development

Branding is essentially crafting a reputation. It really is that simple and that elaborate at the same time. Visualize what your brand should stand for, convey, embody. Imagine what appeal the hottest brand would have on your target market. Think big, then edit, edit some more and then, as effortlessly as a chameleon changes color, become that brand. Sounds simple enough. Right? Then why do so many companies struggle with branding? The reasons are many. Lack of consistency, failure to clearly define the brand image,weak internal marketing and/ or creative teams, failure to work with in and continuously enforce the brands creed, poor messaging and poor design to name a few.

A better approach is this, take a good look at your business, your competitors, your partners, your users and target markets. What are you doing, what have you done, what has succeeded, what has failed and why? What sets you apart from the competition. What can you offer your users of value, over your competitors. Who are your users and what are they looking for? What matters to your organization, what matters to your users? In here lies your story. A real story that you can build upon. Through this inside - outside approach – inside the organization – outwardly facing the the user, we can begin to formulate a story that exists within the organization that will resonate with the end user – this is branding at it's best. A story the organization can get behind, validate and uphold that is also compelling to end users.

I work with clients to define and direct marketing strategies and brand communications to create impactful audience connections across print, digital and environmental media.  My goal is to deliver experiences, interactions and communications that are seamless, relevant and memorable, and certain to have a lasting impact.

Essentially, I’ll help you build the foundation and character of your brand and answer its critical business questions and ensure your design solutions are customer-focused, intuitive and meet all brand standards.

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand expression

  • Brand strategy

  • Employee branding

  • Identity design

  • Brand Standards

  • Brand Launch


  • Naming

  • Cultural brand alignment

  • Research

  • Internal brand support and engagement tools and workshops

  • Corporate naming

  • Product naming

  • Retail Enviornments

  • Service naming

  • Strategy

  • Digital strategy

  • Content strategy and development

  • User experience

  • Responsive web design

  • Social media

  • Social Branding Strategy


  • Mobile Design

  • Advertising

  • Environmental design

  • Packaging

  • Promotions

  • Sponsorship and events

  • Trade Shows

  • Displays