Defining the User Experience

A well crafted user experience strategy defines a long-term plan to align every customer touchpoint with your vision of the ideal user experience. Ideally – it’s a process that – starts at the strategy level and affects the whole lifecycle of a project.

Defining, designing and developing a profitable user experience begins by learning about your business model and doing user research to understanding how a product or service can fit into the users’ prospective.

It’s a very important part in defining the business strategy and it doesn’t end with the user interface design, or the visual design or the content strategy, it’s also about testing people, supporting development, and making ongoing adjustments even after the launch.

I help clients along every stage of defining the user experience. From conceptualizing the ideal experience to researching current and prospective client behaviors. I help clients take a solid look at their business model and really help them understand the nature of how their clients will use this product to best leverage it’s features to create an skillfully constructed product and experience.

User Experience Strategy – Research & Analysis / User Experience Strategy – Design & Prototyping / Competitors Analysis and Best Practices / visual design/ information architecture / interaction design / usability / complete end to end project management / Internal Focus Groups / External Focus Groups / Building multidisciplinary teams to ensure complete expertise / ANALYTICS AND REPORTING / Wireframing and Prototypes / Setting usability metrics / Process Diagrams and Experience maps / Create a complete Framework / A/B Testing / Custom testings / Usage logs / Analysis of support calls /