A User Centered Approach

Fickle. Maybe not the word that instantly comes to mind when you're mulling over business strategy but, it is precisely the nature of business and technology today and even more accurate, a description of todays customer.

Fickle - likely to change suddenly and without a good reason or warning.

Fickle. It’s what we are working with. From a fickle client who always wants it all yet, can’t make a decision to the end users who the true value of your product seems to elude but are hyped on the latest “viral” fad. Today’s population is faced with so much compelling persuasion and not just in the form of adverts. No, todays population is well informed yet easily swayed by popular opinion. Today’s population is more independent yet excessively reliant on media in every form.

So where to begin? I help clients determine where and how to position themselves to best achieve their business strategy goals by taking a demand-first approach to growth strategy. What do your clients want. What do they need. What are your clients really looking for. I analyze, configure and design strategies to unlock my clients’ competitive advantage and help them build the platform businesses and digital ecosystems they need to compete.



How I can help

  • Content Strategy

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Growth Roadmap

  • Platform Business Design

  • Digital Ecosystems

  • Digital Transformation

  • Business Models

  • Team Evaluation & Team Building

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