Content Drives Engagement

My integrated approach ensures that your content efforts align with the strategy and creative for all touch points. The goal is to deliver consistency across all communications.

Branded Content

Branded content is content that reflects the style, vibe and personality of your brand.  It is content that is unique to your organization and speaks from your brands vision and experience.  It should not just define you but set you apart.  Think of it as your businesses personality.  

I'll help find your voice and make you a trusted and valued source for content.   

Web Content

The internet is so much more than clever, engaging design.  Everyday millions get on devices and read, reflect and share content.  Sit in any waiting room, train or coffeeshop and you see people reading on their devices more often than a book, magazine or paper. 

There are countless ways to engage people on the internet regardless of your business.  A great place to start is with your website.  If your content isn't genuine and compelling on your site you won't pass the first test.  Earning trust.  

Social Media Content

Everyone thinks they need a social media presence today.  The truth is, social media is not for every business. And even when it is, it is, most often, not every platform is suited for every business.  Just because everyone it on Instagram does not mean your company will find success there.  In fact, it probably won't.  

I will help you identify which, if any social media you can benefit from and then outline a content strategy for that platform and it's audience.  After all, we're not fishing for hearts and thumbs ups, we're looking for real customers and business opportunities.